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FEB 2020 – MAY 2020

Touchberry takes the design and development of mobile apps to the next level, with the power of AI, data, and communities. I interned under the CEO, working on our most popular app, Plant ID.


Computer Vision Data Pipeline

Using Selenium and various operating and web packages, I debugged and optimized the content pipeline for our computer vision utility app, Plant Identification. I added a back-up Wicker Creative Commons image scrape as well as correct capture of image metadata mapped to a data set of tens of thousands of species of plants and shrubbery. This pipeline supported the content delivered to millions of users on production.


GUI Twitter Manager & Marketing

Where do our users live on Twitter? How can we attract genuine, authentic growth? Once we identified profitable channels within Twitter, how can we automate channel operations?

Twitter Bot Design (1st phase)

I designed and developed a Twitter Bot with a Graphical User Interface. This Bot allowed the user to create and delete hashtags and captions the bot will use to generate and post. The bot has a built-in auto-tweet feature that will post tweets with our download link + relative hashtags, as well as online relevant news and articles our users read. The bot also has an auto-like feature that allows the bot to like 100 tweets a day of users who fit our user prototype.


iOS Design

I designed iOS app store screenshots based on market data I collected on other plant identification apps on the market. These screenshots focused on increasing page view to download conversion rate and were measured through an A/B test using App Store Search Ads.